Meet Helena

Helena runs.  A lot!  She got into running about five years ago, and now signs up for running events months, if not years, in advance.  Five kms, ten kms, quarter marathons…evenings and weekends, as well as three days a week at the gym.    Running takes Helena to her “Happy Place”.

She also bikes, camps, hikes, boats, skates and skis.  There are no January blahs in her household!

Her other “happy place” is with her family.  She is proud of many things, but for Helena, nothing beats being a mother to her three great kids.

When Helena isn’t running, she is a key member of the Atlantic Service team in Dartmouth, taking care of the needs of our customers in her role as Customer Service Coordinator.  Helena’s ability to successfully balance a busy life while staying focused on what matters helps her as she works with our customers to help them achieve their goals and reach their own happy places… with no running required!
Meet our Atlantic team.

Atlantic Cat.  The Difference Counts 
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